Save us some peeps!


  • March 2005


  • Hey Kids,


  • Here's a two-week reminder to put in your bonnet. The Bats have our first gig since January at Natasha's Cafe, 112 Esplanade (downtown, on that one-block street across from The Kentucky Theatre), on Saturday, March 26. Shows at 7:30 and 10:00. RESERVATIONS (strongly recommended) at 259-2754, or online at Hurry, tables are going fast. Don't lose your worm (seat? whatever!) to an earlier chick! There's no telling what Natasha and Gene have up their sleeves for the Easter Bat special. What CAN you do with all those leftover jelly beans, anyway?


  • We're debuting songs by Amy Rigby and Nancy White (thanks, Scott and Don; by the way, Missy has the jacket for that CD and will mail it to you, sorry), and we've also got new-ish stuff by The Chenille Sisters and The Staple Singers. You don't want to miss Melanie singing "Keep It To Yourself," a sweet little ditty about having your ex offed, or Susan's rendition of "Free Floating Anxiety," about--well, anxiety, which is what we'll have if you don't come to hear the new stuff!


  • And if you can't hop-hop-hippity-hop to the March show because you're too busy stuffing your Easter basket, put April 29 on your calendar. We'll be back to Natasha's that night for a one-show, full-evening's entertainment from 7:30 to 11:30. Details TBA; you can check our website,, as the date gets closer. PLUS, there's a link there to Melanie Johnson's site, and you can find out the exciting things she's up to, like her solo performance at Fauntleroy's Coffee on March 24 from 8-10 pm. So much to do!


  • Save us some Peeps, 


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