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  • May 2005 


  • Hey Batfans,


  • What a weekend, huh? Derby, UK graduation, senior proms, Mother's Day, birthdays for Craig and Missy...whew! We're still tingling with excitement, or maybe exhaustion. Could even be a hot flash. Anyway, life just gets right up off its big fat you-know-what and keeps moving along, carrying us all with it. Here's where the Bats are headed. Maybe you'd like to join us!

    THIS FRIDAY, MAY 13, at Natasha's Cafe, we'll be up to our old tricks for two shows, 7:30 for the early bird special crowd and 10:00 for those of you who thank the lord for the night time (forget the day, day's the up-up-tight time). Your $5 cover goes directly to The Bats, who need extra cash right now to pay poor Marilyn's medical bills for her BROKEN FOOT! She's sorry she won't be able to do her choreography that night, but promises to perch perkily on her Bat stool and nod her head like John Cowan does. (You know, that blonde singer from Newgrass Revival who acts like he's going to snap his neck off every time he sings.)

  • Next up, we'll be in historic Midway, KY, for a concert at The Thoroughbred Theatre on TUESDAY, JUNE 14. The folks at Quirk Cafe and Coffee, right next to the theatre on East Main Street, are arranging a special evening for Batfans, including a wine tasting at Bacchus Fine Wines from 5-7 PM, The Bats Concert from 7-9:30 PM, and intermission coffee & dessert, all for $14.Make your reservations thru Quirk at 846-4688. Or check their website, You can even book a pre-show dinner at Quirk. They'll be serving up until 7:00. The food is stellar!


  • Send your good vibes Nashville way on May 10, when Melanie Johnson (the quiet Bat) will be singing her own songs at The Bluebird Cafe, that bastion of on-the-way-to-famous songwriters, as part of the Mamapalooza Festival. If you haven't heard Melanie's new song, "Dance to a Band," during a Bats show yet, you are missing out. It's beautiful and brings tears to our jaded eyes every time.


  • And Missy, who now can add booking agent to her dubious list of titles, would really love it if all of you would come out to support her new favorite boy band, The DesChamps Band. These four young musicians from Spartanburg, SC, play swinging string music that so impressed Missy that she secured The DesChamps boys two Lexington gigs! They'll headline the Elizabeth Ann Seton Country Fair on Friday, June 3 (8 to 11 PM) and will also play at Natasha's Cafe on Saturday, June 4. Bring the family, especially your teenagers, to check them out. And if you want to see how cute they are, their website is Catch them here before they scoot their boots to Texas for their summer tour. 


  • Remember, all this stuff is on our own website, Visit any time. And if we may quote from the musical "Camelot" (not "Spamalot"), "It's's May...the month of yes-you-may...that lovely month when everyone throws self control away!" So give yourself permission to... well, you'll figure something out.



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