Bat date added! 


  • Late May 2005 


  • Hey Bat-o-philes!


  • Due to the exhausting, sold-out, unqualified success of Friday night's Natasha's Cafe extravaganza (the food! the fun! the door prizes! the rain bonnets! the fabulous service! the conga line!), The Bats are flying back to Natasha's for an added-at-the-last-minute May date. We'll be back on MAY 13--that's a Friday night--for two cabaret shows. Gene and his crew say we will repeat the marathon format some time next fall, but until everyone recovers from Friday night, we'll be back to the old format of two shows per night. Come early at 7:30 so that you rise and shine at The Farmer's Market with the eager birds, or come late at 10:00 and buy your veggies at Kroger, but come! You'll need reservations, and you'll need 'em quick, at or at 259-2754. Your $5 cover goes directly to The Bats, and you can order whatever you want, from soup to nuts to baklava, off Natasha's menu. The thrill of Derby and the agony of Mother's Day will be behind you by May 13, so put on your red dress, baby, and wear your wig hat on your head--time for a little springtime frolic a la Bat.

    And if you can't make May at Natasha's Cafe, how about June in the charming Midway? We'll be rockin' that town on TUESDAY, JUNE 14, at the Thoroughbred Theatre (not that we're nags or anything), 7:00-9:30 PM. $14 gets you an extended cabaret show, dessert, and coffee. The theatre is right there on Railroad Street, next to Quirk Cafe, where you can dine deliciously until 7:00. Reservations (for tickets and/or dinner) at 846-4688.


  • We're adding new stuff to the repertoire all the time, and we still have that joie de vivre that sets us apart from most of the middle aged cranks that you know and love, so join us soon. Life is short, and we gotta whoop it up while we still can. 


  • Whoop Whoop, then.



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