Stay Up Late With The Bats!


  • June 2004


  • Hi Batty People!


  • Gene Williams of Natasha's Cafe tells us that this Saturday's (June 19th) early show is SOLD OUT, with several parties still on the waiting list. However, there are some seats remaining for the 10:00 show. 


  • Now, here's the deal:  the later show is just as great as the early one!  Longer, wilder, and rowdier, even!  And we quit around 11:45, so you're still home for most of Saturday Night Live (yeah, right, like anybody watches THAT anymore), and in bed early enough that you can still get up and go to your favorite house of worship. (The Bats like to sing praises at Jonathan's brunch, 'cause it makes us want to shout, "Lordy!".)  


  • And here's another secret: since it's later, you'll probably save a bundle on food purchases, unless you want to take Natasha's "Midnight Chicken" dish literally.  A glass of wine, an imported beer, a zippy appetizer, a $5 cover, and presto!  You've just accomplished a cheap and easy Saturday night out without patronizing the sleazy Hollywood movie industry or eating their lousy popcorn. C'mon! You've already seen Harry Potter III and Shrek II, right?  We PROMISE you'll have fun, even without the special effects...although we DO have that high-tech circling Bat spotlight and flashing pompom-topped headbands...does that count?


  • See you at Natasha's!  Call now, and you'll get the free Ginzu steak knives...not!         



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