• July 2004


  • Not to nag you or anything (what, us?), but The Bats are hoping that you'll join us for two rollicking nights of tunes and titillation THIS WEEKEND, July 16/17 (that's Friday and Saturday, y'all).  We'll be strutting our stuff, including some hilarious TBA material, at the new Furlongs, which used to be our old haunt The Coach House, on South Broadway, next to the new Waffle House.  It's our first time back on that stage since The Coach House closed, and we're gonna kick us some Cajun ass! 


  • We'll start fairly quietly at 7:30 so that you can enjoy your jambalaya in peace. Then, around 8:45, we'll kick it up an Emeril-notch into the cabaret set.  And at 10:30, look out, 'cause it'll be time to put on those dancin' shoes, mama!  We'll quit at 11:30, so you can get your beauty sleep afterward. 

    Reservations?  Why, yes!  At 555-1234.  Make sure they know you're coming to see The Bats in the bar. (Not the ones in the belfry, ha ha.)


  • And make plans to see the Lexington Shakespeare Festival's production of Jesus Christ Superstar, July 21-25.   Our own Jim Gleason and his Johnson Brothers will be the orchestra, and they promise to make the music sound just like it did when we were all young, long-haired, and stoned!  Don't miss it!


  • Have you noticed there's no water rationing this year?  


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