Stars and Bats 4-ever!


  • July 2005   


  • Hi Batfans!


  • Hope you're all having a bang-up Fourth, with all the fireworks, watermelon, and grilled food items you can handle. (Ooh, wait. Don't "handle" the fireworks. Let's leave that to the pros and the fifteen-year-olds in the 'hood. You don't want to be setting off any bottle rockets after you've consumed those celebratory beverages we're all so fond of. Watch yourself!) And don't forget that JIM GLEASON'S "other" band, THE JOHNSON BROTHERS, will crank up the classic rock downtown on The Fourth, on East Vine Street near Limestone (on the Farmers' Market side), right after the last of the parade passes by. They are AWESOME.


  • Anyhoo, once the hoopla and the boom-booms are over, you'll want, we're sure, to return to thoughts of cooler (as in air-conditioned) environments and cooler (as in hip) entertainments. And have we got some fun suggestions for you!


  • On Friday, July 15 and Saturday, July 16, our boys THE DESCHAMPS BAND will make their way back to Lexington for two gigs at Natasha's Cafe. Can't wait to see those cuties again, and can't wait to hear those toe-tapping tunes of theirs! They've been home in Spartanburg, SC, working on their new CD; with any luck, we'll all be able to buy some of the first copies available. The shows start at 9:00, but you can come earlier and have a great dinner at Natasha's.


  • And just in case you've been in your cave all summer and haven't read Missy's emails extolling the musical virtues of The DesChamps Band, check out their website and listen to some tunes at We just know you're gonna love 'em!


  • If you're willing to get back out into the heat, check out MISSY JOHNSTON as Golde in the Lexington Shakespeare Festival's production of "Fiddler on the Roof," July 20-24 at The Arboretum. She'll be singin', dancin', and sweatin', just like she does with The Bats, only in different clothes. And with a slight accent. Reservations at 257-4929. 


  • Now, our MELANIE JOHNSON also has an exciting gig coming up. She'll be playing another Sunday Writer's Night at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville on Sunday, July 24. Mel's become a regular at these prestigious sessions in Music City, and we're so proud of her we're about to bust out of our Daisy Dukes. Now there's an image for you!


  • Our keyboard player, the quick-witted and sly HAROLD SHERMAN, has several appearances coming up. At Ecton Park on Tuesday, July 13, he and his sis GENIE WALKER will wow you with jazz tunes from 7-8:30 pm. Harold will be at Natasha's for Piano Wednesday on July 20, 7:30 to 9:30. And he'll also be appearing with BAJA community jazz big band on Monday, July 25, from 8-10 at Comedy Off Broadway. What a busy guy! 


  • Last but far from least, THE BATS will be back at Natasha's on Friday, July 29. We're doing our two-show format, 7:30 and 10:00. Can't wait to see you, so make those reservations at the same time you're making your plans for The DesChamps Band at 259-2754 or at


  • Bang! Boom! Whew! 'Nuff said!



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