Bat Days of Summer!  


  • Late July 2005   


  • Hey Batfans,


  • Just wanted to remind you about our upcoming appearance on FRIDAY, JULY 29, at the fabulous and funky Natasha's Cafe. Two shows, 7:30 and 10:00. $5 cover. (BTW, Natasha is having a BIG SALE now thru the 23rd!) Beat the heat and humidity in air-conditioned comfort---and a piece of cheesecake couldn't hurt. Marilyn's got a big new blues song to sing for you, and we've stolen Keb Mo's version of the classic "Come on People" and added it to "Love Train." We're gonna have a big time! If you're tied up that weekend, you can always book August 20 way in advance. We'll be back at Natasha's for two special shows benefiting "Rocking for Water," a worthy cause which strives to provide decent drinking H20 in African countries. We'll have a special guest, Toby, on African drums. More info to come on our website,


  • In other Bat notes, Missy continues her role as Golde in "Fiddler on the Roof" for the Lexington Shakespeare Festival thru Sunday at the Arboretum on Alumni Drive. The show is a winner, with plenty of great singing and dancing, and it's family friendly. Check today's Weekender for ticket info and a nice review. We also hope you caught Melanie Johnson singing to the LSF crowds; she played solo from the big stage as a warm-up to "As You Like It" and "Cyrano." She sounded fantastic!


  • Our keyboard player Harold Sherman and his sis Genie Walker, who is a terrific jazz singer, will be appearing at Midway's Quirk Cafe from 5:30 to 8:00 on August 8, and again on October 11. Catch them there, and enjoy Quirk's unique atmosphere and yummy food. There's a link to Quirk on our website under "Support the Friends of The Bats."


  • Special thanks to those of you who turned out to support The DesChamps Band. Were they wonderful, or what? Missy enjoyed coming home from "Fiddler" rehearsals to a houseful of handsome young musicians (including Jim, of course). If you've fallen for them like Missy has, you can keep up with them as they take over the Austin scene at Their tour journal is fun, and they talk very positively about their visit to Lexington. What cute guys! We predict big things for them.


  • That's it! Keep cool, water those patio containers, keep an eye on your panting dogs, drink refreshing adult beverages, and what's up with this ballroom dancing craze?



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