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  • September 2005


  • Howdy There, Batfans,


  • Yup, it's time for another Batminder about our Natasha's gig on Saturday, Sept. 24.  We're scootin' our boots through two shows, 7:30 and 10:00, and it's sure as shootin' gonna be a big ol' time, with tap dancin', can-cannin', giant sunglasses, and whatnot.  Don't miss it if ya can!  Lasso your reservations at 259-2754, or online at  Cowgirl outfits encouraged; spurs optional. 


  • We know you're as anxious as we are to celebrate the kids bein' corralled back at the schoolhouse (unless, or course, you're one o' them schoolmarm types).  Or maybe you just wanna stampede away from another Saturday of college football.  Or ya might need some firewater and  grub with your posse.  Cain't say as we blame ya.  Whatever your reasons, we'll be happy as fleas on a pup to oblige ya with some top-notch entertainment.  Marilyn's got a sexy new blues song, "That's What My Man Is For," and we've also worked up a number called "Pink Cadillac."  You mighta heard The Boss do that one, but we've made it our own and are thinkin' 'bout renamin' it.  ("Pink BATallic," a course!)  And we *might* be ready to debut Melanie's new song, "Stuff," but don't hold our feet to the campfire on that one. 


  • Hope you kin make it.  And remember, you kin always find us at


  • Adios!



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