• October 2004


  • Hi, all you Batfans,


  • Here's your last reminder about The Bats' gig THIS FRIDAY.  Come celebrate Halloween a little early with your favorite women in black from 7:30 to 11:30.  From what we hear, tables are about sold out, but you can always try for the waiting list OR just show up for the late set around 10:30.  There are usually seats open by then, because a lot of our fans insist on getting their beauty sleep.  We certainly understand that!  Gosh, by about the time we dive into "Lady Marmalade," we're pretty much pooped ourselves. 


  • Reservations, if you're lucky enough to get 'em, at 555-1234. 


  • The cover, which you will have won at Keeneland that day, is waived if you order an entree. 


  • And here's news so fresh it's not even on our website yet:  we've added one last date in 2004, whoopee!  We'll play one night at Natasha's Cafe.  You've got 2 chances to pay your cover, at 7:30 (for you beauty-sleepers) and 10:30 (for those of you who just don't care if you look like H-E-double L at Sunday brunch). Gear up for the exhausting holiday season with The Bats, who always recommend a cocktail before shopping. Or going to the in-laws' house for turkey.


  • Or putting up the Christmas tree, Hanukkah bush, or last year's wreath, which you swore you were going to get rid of, but maybe it doesn't look so bad after all... Ah, heck, what's one more year?  Just hot-glue a few more glitter pinecones on the sucker, and hang it up!  See how easy the holidays can be with just a little drinkie-pooh under your control tops?  But we get ahead of ourselves...


  • Let's get through Halloween first!  

  • The Bats

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