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June 2008


Cordial Greetings, Batfans!
     So many events musicale are coming your way in June, we dared to presume you'd like a gentle reminder.  Mayhap you'd prefer a stout kick in the culottes, but somehow that's not our style---at least for today.  Today, we feel mellow, gentle, and Downy soft.  So, dear friends in Batdom, herewith begins our peck on the cheek of your memory, our sweet little pinch on the bottom of your calendar, our strangely haunting refrain of "Forget-Us-Not, You Bee-Atches!"
     First off, darlings, we remind you that TheJohnsonBrothers will be hoisting their respective petards at Natasha's Bistro on Saturday, June 14.  Classic rock from your favorite artists will rule the night.  The show begins at 9:00 sharp, and the cover fee is a mere $10.  Scuttlebutt may be obtained at
     Secondly, ladies and gents, we encourage your attendance at Natasha's Bistro for the return engagement of The Belleville Outfit ( on Monday, June 16, and Tuesday, June 17. That super-talented, super-cute, super-everything band of 20-somethings from Austin, Texas--Connor, Jeff, Jon,Marshall, Phoebe, & Rob--will absolutely inspire & astound you, we guarantee.  Reservations are a necessity, as the last time TBO entertained in our fair city, numberless unfortunates were turned away at the door. Cover charge is $15 for one night, or $20 for both nights (and worth every single penny). 
     Last but certainly first, THE BATS will take the stage at Natasha's Bistro on Friday, June 27, performing two daring shows of brio, bravado, petulance and panache.  Your presence is requested at 7:30 for the Dinner Show (cover charge: $10) or at 10:00 for the Cocktail Show (cover charge: $7).  Either way, we'd be thrilled beyond mere words to see you--and even more thrilled to sell you an autographed copy of our new CD, "Some Settling May Occur," currently on the radio on 91.3 FM, and available for purchase at Joseph Beth Booksellers, Decoratifs, and CD Baby. 
     Reservations for all of the aforementioned events are to be had at 859-259-2754.  Act quickly, act often, and act up, won't you?

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens,




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