Bats in the Brafry

July 2008


Hi Batfans,
Your ever-watchful Bats have some big announcements.  


**First and foremost, , there are still seats remaining for both of our shows at Natasha's Bistro this Saturday, July 19.  The Dinner Show kicks off at 7:00, with a cover of $10.  The Cocktail Show starts at 9:30, with a  mere $7 cover.  Think of it this way:  you can put a little slurp of fuel in your ungrateful gas guzzler of a car, which never gives you anything back, or you can pump up your humdrum life with unlimited Battage, which always makes you feel better, look younger, and lose weight while you laugh.  Call 859-259-2754 for reservations.     


**Secondly, check out this real news story, sent to Marilyn by her fabulous friend Felice.


Woman's Cell Phone Turns Out To Be Live Bat
by Will Safer, posted Jul 10th 2008 at 2:8PM
Bats in bra.

We've learned that cell phones ringing out loud can land you in trouble. For example, two Atlanta men were recently fined $200 because their mobiles spouted tunes in court, irritating the judge to the point of holding them in contempt. The answer? Set that cell phone to vibrate!

Yes, rules of courtesy and decorum suggest that you not subject those around you to obnoxious ring tones. So we send our compliments to Abbie Hawkins, a British hotel worker who thought she had silenced her phone, which she apparently carries around in her bra. We've seen other women do this, so we're not shocked by the practice.

But imagine Hawkins' shock when the twitching item in her undergarment turned out not to be her cell phone, but instead a live bat. Yes, a bat. With wings. (And fangs?) Perhaps it was receiving a text message from a Transylvanian baron?

Yes, the 19-year-old hotel receptionist spent a good part of the day carrying around a live bat in her bra, thinking it was her cell phone. The bat apparently crawled into her underwear while it was hanging on a clothesline outside her home. Small enough to go unnoticed by Hawkins, the bat apparently decided to go for a snug ride to work with the girl.

According to a quoted bat expert, the animals roost anywhere that appears dark and safe.

Hawkins, saying she felt bad for the little creature, released it outside. Let the Batphone jokes begin. [Source: Telegraph]


A bat in the bra is worth two in the bush,




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