Centre Bat

August 2008


Helloooooooooo, Batfans!


What with all the strum und drang downtown, all the blasting, knocking down, raping and pillaging, gnashing and tearing, de-Dame-ing, Buster's busting, and Mama Mia's moving, we thought you'd like to know that there's an oasis of relative calm at the other end of Main Street, right across from the venerable Kentucky Theatre: Natasha's Bistro!  We say "relative calm," because the crew at Natasha's has been incredibly busy moving the boutique and busting down walls to create a bigger, better music/theatre/dining venue just for you.  The Bats are thrilled to be playing there, on the new stage, on August 29!


Here's even better news:  since the bistro can now seat about 140 people, we only have to play one show.  Starting on the 29th, we'll be kicking off the music at 8:00, and playing 2 sets for your listening pleasure.  We'll even take a little break between sets to freshen our faces (as if that's possible, ha ha ha), raid the bottle of wine at your table (please have extra glasses ready), and get off our feet for a minute (tootsie massages encouraged).  You'll be home in time for the 11:00 news, and we'll be less bedraggled at the end of the evening.  Whoopee!  All this, and it will only cost you $10.


Make your reservations for the 8:00 show on August 29 at 259-2754.  We won't be playing again until the very end of October (our 10th Anniversary Bash, y'all!!), so catch us while you can.  BUT, you'll need to make a reservation for September 16 anyway, because that's when The Belleville Outfit is coming back!  Get the details while you're on the phone, book your seats, and we'll see you there for the best Texas/Gypsy Swing/Roots/Americana/Jazz you've ever heard, from the cutest young band you'll ever see.  (www.bellevilleoutfit.com)


And, dearies, there's more music coming your way.  August 23, you've got 2 wonderful choices: The Johnson Brothers Band (the cutest old-guy band you'll ever see or hear; check 'em out at www.johnsonbrothersband.com) will be at Equus Run Vineyards; and Amber Rhodes (young, blonde, gorgeous, talented, and the daughter of Jim Rhodes, who installed Missy's fabulous new bathroom) will be delivering her original Nashville-inspired tunes at Natasha's.  Good grief!  How in the heck will you choose?  We're torn, our own selves.


But wait!!  What about your live theatre fix?  Come see Missy in The Apprentice Players production of The History Boys, playing August 13 to 17 in The Briggs Theatre at UK.  Reservations thru The Singletary Center Box Office (257-4929 or http://www.singletarytickets.com).  And no, she's not playing a history boy, thank you very much.  More like a history hag. 


And you thought the summer was winding down, you silly things.


A pretty girl is like a melody--
But a middle-aged woman is more like a tuba solo,


PS  Our new CD, Some Settling May Occur, is still on sale at CDBaby.com, Joseph Beth Booksellers, Decoratifs, and, of course, at our gigs. 




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