O Come, All Ye Batfans!

November 2008


Greetings and Salutations!

Yes, the economy's in the tank.  Yes, your heating bill may keep you from eating anything but turkey loaf this Thanksgiving, and your 401K is as low as George Bush's approval rating.   Dagnabbit, times are tough. 


However, we BATS will not be discouraged from spreading our usual Holiday Joy, even if it means we have to double-up on our consumption of certain Mother's Little Helpers.  Or keep worry beads in all our pockets, Obama buttons on our underwear, and vodka martinis in our dry, chapped hands. Somebody's got to keep this world spinning, and it might as well be us.  (Well, us and The Jonas Brothers.)


So here's our plan:  Our annual December show at Natasha's Bistro, scheduled for 8:00 PM on Friday, December 5th, complete with our third almost-annual Holiday Sweater Smackdown!  Bring on the gaudy and bedazzled, cute and fuzzy, or tinseled and trashy knitwear, and let the games begin!  Wear it or bare it, it's gonna be one crazy night.


Make your reservations now at (859) 259-2754.  We've got some fabulous new originals to play for you, as well as some traditional Christmas tunes---with a BATty twist, of course.  


Meanwhile, y'all, enjoy your family and friends this holiday season.  Drop by Decoratifs (where Missy works) if you need a little Christmas goose-ing, serious decorating inspiration, or several copies of Some Settling May Occur (our CD) for stocking stuffers.  Go ahead and eat a little too much, but share something with, say, The Hope Center.  Buy little gifts, but give them with big love.  Hug those closest to you, and reach out to those farthest away.  (Whoa, this just got WAY too Hallmarky/Oprah-ish/Lifetime Network!  We'll just stop right there.)


Ahem...anyway...see you December 5th!  It wouldn't be a BATS show without you!


We're only 12 steps from breaking our eggnog addiction,


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