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It's really easy!
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Missy Johnston
633 West Short Street
Lexington, KY 40508


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Our new one is called Live at Natasha's and it was recorded live! At Natasha's! Like our first CD, it's full of original Bats songs and other swell tunes, great singing and playing, and our usual irreverent view of the world.







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Our original CDSome Settling May Occur, is still available. You can get them both at our gigs, by emailing Missy, and on CD Baby.




Jim and Melanie have CDs, too!

They're available at our gigs and online at CD Baby and iTunes!




Jim's first solo album Deconstruction Ahead is an eclectic mix of original music ranging from rock and blues to Western swing and country, with a little gypsy jazz thrown in for good measure. CD Baby







Soul of a Spy, Melanie's latest release, is filled with melodic, non-wimpy, chord-changy, angst-filled, non-boring guitar-based songs, one of which might give you goose-bumps. At least, those are the kind she likes (and tries to write). CD Baby






On Mel's first release, Time Lapse, it's all about the chord changes: Cool melodies, lots of chords, plenty of drums and guitars, vocals in the range of Shawn and Suzanne, inspired by Aimee, Michael, Elvis and Neil. CD Baby






You can also pick up Tastes Like Chicken by the Johnson Brothers! It's an eclectic mix of rock, blues and jazz by Jim's other band. CD Baby