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"You're way too funny to not be famous for it"
Kopana Terry


I have been at several shows at Natasha's and every time bring different friends to pass on the  fun.... you guys are great.... keep up the good work... sincerely...


Extraordinary performance Saturday night. Great timing, great vocals, great choreography, you guys are ready to take it on the road!
BTW: every new person I’ve brought to one of your shows just raves about how great they are.


We caught your show Saturday night.  You were all in rare form!!!  My friend had her first Bat experience; she will be back for more!


Honestly, I don't know why the Bats have not been "discovered" by Ellen, etc., yet.  I am being totally serious.   I feel like any day you will be an overnight sensation.  Where is Ed Sullivan when you need him?   Will you remember us little people when you hit the big time?  I am so not even joking.   I love watching all of you perform - it looks like you are having so much fun.


And while Oprah’s a real possibility, I expect to see you guys on either the Tonight Show, Letterman, or both! 
So keep on truckin’, think of all the fun you’ve had, because there’s such a lot of god ways ... (can I get a whew?) to be bad.


…What a fine time I had sharing the stage with The Bats at Woodsongs…Y'all were fabulous and I loved your music!

I was at your show last night at Natasha's & enjoyed you all soooooooooooooo much.  I want to get some old college friends together to come & see you.  -

Do you all have another album in the works???  I hope so...can't wait to bring some gals out to see you all again!  Thanks for the ‘therapy’’s sooooo good, and costs so little for me at age...argggghhhhh 63 now!  

Xoxoxo Nancy

A belated note of congrats on set at Natahsa's. I brought my daughter and she had a blast. It was great to see Jim and Craig, my first Bats experience was wonderful. You all have an amazing thing going, so keep up the fine work.
Michael Jonathan, Woodsongs Host


Two of us in (our)… will be celebrating our 50th birthdays. We could not think of a better way to celebrate our big milestone than to subject ourselves and our best friends to the mayhem and wackiness of the Bats…. We look to come out of this feeling fully initiated. So, if you see a bunch of us dancing with crazed abandon, there will be more going on than the usual groove-funky audience members that you usually get. I don't know whether the two of us will be wearing out tiaras or not. BTW, (we) loved your Halloween show! Thanks for being batty!
Yours in goofiness,


The show Friday night was so wonderful, I believe it was one of your best. ..thanks for all of the enjoyment you provide.


Hey...just thought I'd let you know our friends who were in town from Austin that we brought to the show last night were blown away. They had no idea what to expect and (as they said this morning) "that is something I will always remember"! They are VERY tied into the music scene in Austin so take that as a major compliment. They bought several CD's.
All the best,


You make a 53-year-old so proud!!!

I saw the show last Friday at Natasha's.  We took our mother for a pre-birthday party.  She will be 80 this month. You guys have such great spirit and energy. We had just a great time. Thanks for a wonderful evening.  

After hearing about The BATS for several years, we were finally able to see you last night at Natasha's.  I don't laugh out loud easily or nearly often enough, and you all about made me wet my pants.  Good for you.  What you all are doing is great.  You are bringing pleasure and relaxation to many people in a cozy, intimate setting.  Oh how we need that in this world today... Making people happy is a great ability and contribution to society.



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