More fan mail from some flounder  


Saw your show in Lexington last month and loved it! I want to take my mom and sister to hear you gals.


I was at the show in Midway tonight and loved it! It was my first "BATS" experience. What a blast. Thanks again for a wonderful night.


Hi, Ladies! I saw the show tonight and thought the show was WONDERFUL!!!  You all are fabulous!!!  Thank you for sharing your spirit!!! "I Hope" was a beautiful way to end the show - it was unbelievable….and you performed it well!!!!! Thanks for the show!!!!


Oh my, you make me laugh!!!!!! Just when I need a lift, here comes your Bat Mail......perfect timing!


I came to Richmond from Atlanta last weekend to visit my friend Kathy and she brought me to your show. Wow, we are now fans for life.  Loved your entire performance and hated for the show to end. You would be a big hit down here.  Any chance that you could bring the show on the road to this area?  There are lots of women in this north metro Atlanta area who would love you as much as I did. Your new fan,




I had heard fantastic things about The Bats and finally got to see you recently. I've ranted and raved about you all but my girlfriends and I haven't been able to arrange another date to see you.  It will be our first priority if you come to Frankfort. 


I saw The Bats show at Natasha’s on Friday night and I love you guys (gals)!!!  I’m getting a group together, including some of the men who I know will love your songs. We have so much talent in KY and The Bats are up on top of that list.


Once again, your emails are as priceless as your concerts!!!!! Keep on truckin'!


Hey we had a great husband Mark won the tie for 2nd best cutest sweater..he wore it to church today.  Our group had the best time!  Thanks, and Merry Christmas to all the Bats, their families and friends.  Happy New Year too! 



I haven't seen my mom laugh that much in a  long time. She has chronic back pain, and your show definitely took her mind off of that for a couple of hours, and so I don't think I could say enough good things about what you and the other Bats do.  I will be back to hear you again this summer, and I'll bring more  friends.


You guys are awesome. I caught both of your shows at Natasha’s Friday night. Here is a little funny for you…during the late show I was sitting next to a table of elderly women who were quite unanimated. I wasn’t sure if they “got it” or whether they were enjoying themselves…UNTIL…you fired up the “Love Train”. This older woman tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Let’s Go!” When you can get a 70+ year old fired up, you’re on to something. Just imagine what would happen if you took your gigs to the retirement homes?  Thanks for great entertainment. It’s always a pleasure to hear the Bats.


Saturday was tremendous fun! "We're So Vain" made me wish for a Depend. "Very trucked!" You are a very talented and funny bunch. KT and I literally laughed until we cried.